The best erotic massage salon in Kiev

Erotic massage in Kiev – do not hide the desired and have fun!

The massage parlors Grande Royal de la Fleurs erotic massage is transformed into art and unforgettable ecstasy of the body!

Immerse yourself in the ocean of pleasure and ecstasy in the VIP Salon of erotic massage Grande Royal de la Fleurs throughout Ukraine! In Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Ivano-Frankivsk!

Откровенно о Сексе со Светланой Шибецкой

Gimn “Grand Royal”

Erotic massage

unnamed is a great and pleasant procedure, a kind of classical variant of physical effects on the human body with the purpose of its improvement. During a session of erotic massage an active stimulation of erogenous points and organs takes place that increases anumber of positive energy and removes fatigue symptoms and bad mood.
During this procedure a pleasant masseuse uses her entire body, not just the hands. Silky touches and languid, barely perceptible palpable breathing on the skin can drive any man mad. The lightest stroking can awake a wild passion that you never wondered and never been interested in erotic massage.
And do you already know where to find the Everest of tactile ecstasy?
Today many salons offer their services to clients, including the erotic massage in Kiev. But is it worth visiting them all  being actively searching the ideal option for you? You can save your time, do not waste your money and not to feel the disappointment after visiting some place of dubious quality.
«Grande-Royal-de-la-Fleurs» studio had never been engaged in singing vainglorious odes to its own honor. The best indicator of our qualification is the reviews of our customers that you can read right now in the relevant section. After all, no one can tell the truth better than someone who has tried on himself a result of our efforts. And all our work is devoted to pleasure and comfort of our guests.

Why is it worth visiting our studio?

You have already read the reviews and thought that it would be nice to “try it sometime?” Then we offer 5 reasons for not to fool around and do it right now:
эротический массажMasseuses of divine beauty. If you know what is the real female beauty,  there always will be what to look at in our studio. In a company of lovely goddesses you will feel like you are a brave Zeus on Olympus of erotic joys.
High level of professionalism. Our masters have not only beautiful bodies and appearance – but aslo their hands that are making real miracles. Their every move, every glance and every breath are devoted exclusively to your enjoyment.

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Individual approach to each client. If during a massage you will recollect any secret sexual reverie, which still hasn’t become a reality then just share it with the masseuse. In any program of erotic massage, you can include your personal wishes and preferences.
Reasonable prices. Of course, any treat has its price. But «Grande Royal de la Fleurs» studio puts your pleasure on the first place and not the enrichment or something. Thanks to this approach, every our customer is leaving us with a smile on his face, with a tide of new energy and a desire to come back again to our paradise.
A wide range of services for any whim. Even the most demanding gourmet of erotica will find here a sexy sweet dessert to his/her taste. Individual erotic massage, massage for couples, stone therapy, body massage, massage as a gift for a friend or a business partner – it’s just a few of the possible sweets assorted at «GrandeRoyaldelaFleurs». Pick and choose your method of going to nirvana today.
Or you are used to postpone your own interests for later? Well, after all, you deserve the best and the most luxurious vacation of sensations! Stop torturing yourself with a daily routine and wallowing in the endless flow of everyday cares. You can leave behind the gray days and give yourself the pleasure which even whimsical emperors and ancient kings had never dreamed of. Although at that time the «GrandeRoyaldelaFleurs» studio did not exist.


In addition to these advantages of «GrandeRoyaldelaFleurs», you will find here another important factor – the attention to details. For your perfect pastime we have created everything you may need:

  1. Modern cozy interior;
  2. Discreet intimate lighting;
  3. Easy rhythmic music;
  4. Nice light and smell of scented candles;
  5. Special moisturizing oils and gels for massage.

Erotic massage of «GrandeRoyaldelaFleurs» studio in Kiev – it is your own secluded island of Eden pleasure. It is a perfect world in which you can relax from all your worries and troubles. During a session of erotic massage gentle touching of lovely mistresses and all their sophisticated manipulations will take you to a world of pleasure and sweet languor.эротический массаж Киев
A perfect gift for yourself and not only
Would you like to present a delight like that to your best friend or business partner? Then we have an ideal offer for you – a gift massage. The time spent with our masseuses will be not only enjoyable but also good for your health. Erotic massage sessions are not only a surge of erotic satisfaction and cosmic ecstasy, but also they are a good prevention from various diseases and the key to a good health. After such a gift any partner or colleague will get not only fabulous memories about erotic massage, but also a good impression of you. Another exclusive bonus – Royal VIP premium – you’ll find only in our salon. It includes an exotic cocktail of long striptease, massage, shower-cocktail and exclusive taste of expensive champagne. All the best is just for you. Maybe you want to get everything at once, and even more? Then we offer you the service of “Night in the style of Crazy». It is a marathon of all kinds of delights, which lasts for 8 hours. Nowhere else in the whole city you will find anything like this! The most demanding and influential guests choose this very option. And always remain happy. Erotic massage in any of the types is always aimed at the achievement of a common goal – a relaxation of body and soul. Your mental peace, good health and sense of harmony and unity with the world around build the simplest formula for happiness. And our lovely masseuse will give it to you. Each of our girls is a professional master of her art, whether it’s an erotic massage, oriental art, erotic show or Thai massage of certain areas of the body.
Minimum efforts – maximum pleasure from our erotic massage
To get the best erotic massage session in your life, you just need to call us. We will listen carefully to all your needs, will help you to choose a service for your taste and will warmly welcome after the arrival. And then we’ll present you the most wonderful time in your life, after which you just will get your wings! Wise people say: “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times.” In our case, it is best to just see and feel on your own the beauty and excitement of the art of erotic massage. Exclusive salon «GrandeRoyaldelaFleurs» is exactly the place you’ve always dreamed of. Here you are guaranteed to meet face-to-face your deepest desires and dive into the world of passion, pleasure and satisfaction.